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Tomb of Prophet Ibrahim - in Kudus,Palestine

In a trial, Allah granted Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) -alaihissalam- a huge flock of sheep. Allah said to Archengel (leader of angels) Jibril -alaihissalam- : "Go to Ibrahim and see his generosity!"

The Archangel Jibril -alaihissalam- came to him "with a man appearance" and asked:

-Whose flock is this? Can you sell me one of them?

Ibrahim (a.s) answered:

-The flock belongs to my Lord. It has been given to me as a trust. If you mention His name (Allah), you can take one third of it; but if you mention His name three times, you can take all of it!

The Archengel Jibril (a.s) said:

- Glorified and beyond all shortcomings is our Lord, the Lord of all angels and of all souls.

Ibrahim (a.s) responded:

- Take the entire flock with you and go.

The Archangel Jibril (a.s) said in return:

- I am not a man, I am an angel. So I cannot take them.

Ibrahim (a.s) said:

- If you are an angel, I am the Khalil (i.e the intimate friend of Allah, choice man), so I cannot take back what I have given for His sake.

Ibrahim (a.s) sold the entire flock and spent the earnings in the path of Allah as charity.  

Ibrahim alaihissalam was put through difficult trials in which he was tested with his life, his property, and his children. In each case, he maintained his loyalty and his submission to his Lord. Thus, he rose to the zenith of service to Allah. He abandoned form and climbed to the level of being Khalilullah, the intimate friend of Allah.

P.S. (a.s) : alaihissalam (salutation for him)

(From The Garden of The Mathnawi, Tears Of The Heart, Rumi Selections - Osman Nuri TOPBAŞ)

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