Tuesday, July 23, 2013



“Rest your soul with words of wisdom, for souls get tired and weaken, as bodies do.”

“There is no goodness in praying without standing in awe of Allah, in fasting without refraining from idle talk, in reading the Qur’an without contemplation, in learning without acting accordingly, in wealth without charity, in fellowship without offering help in need, in blessings without gratitude, and in invocation without sincerity.”

“People are opposed to what they do not know.”

“Paradise is for the generous, while Hell is for the ignorant.”

“The ignorant will not be questioned about why they did not learn until after the learned are questioned about why they did not teach.”

“Whoever yearns for Paradise, pursues good works. Whoever fears the Fire, refrains from passions. Whoever takes death seriously, dispenses with the desires of his ego. Whoever is aware of how the world works knows what the obstacles are.”

“Chastity is the charity due for beauty.”

“Decency and generosity in religion are fruits of common sense.”

“More intellect means less speech.”

“Whoever grasps that he will be questioned for his words as for his acts will speak less, and not at all about things that do not concern him.”

“Not speaking until being asked is better than speaking until silenced.”

“Do not bother responding to a base accusation, because the one who made the accusation is likely to answer back with worse.”

“Do not make jokes with fools, for they may break your heart with their poisonous tongues.”

“Speak to people in a language they can understand.”

“A curved object will have a curved shadow.”

“Think well of the servants of Allah. If you do so, you will rid yourself of many burdens.”

“Whoever does not follow the way of Allah, His Prophet, and the friends of Allah is destined to have no capital. The way of Allah is to keep the secret. The way of the Prophet is to manage relationships with good behaviour. The way of the friends of Allah is to put up with problems that come from people.”

“If you want to become good friends with someone, first spend some time with him. If he still sympathises with you when you have spent time together, then establish a relationship with him.”

“A person whose heart is occupied with hatred cannot do good works, because no heart is spacious enough to contain two opposite concerns.”

“A Muslim should smile even if his heart is sad.”

“Eternal blessing is only possible when one dies surrendered.”

“How can the son of Adam grow arrogant? His beginning is a drop of fluid, and his end is a corpse. He can neither create his own conditions nor escape extinction.”

“Life is made up of only two days. One day is for you; the other day is against you. Do not spoil yourself when the day is for you, and do not wail when it is against you.”

“Today is the day to do good works. Tomorrow is the day to account for your works. There will be no chance of further action then.”

“Every breath is a step towards death.”

“Both the world and religion will be preserved as long as the following four things are preserved: as long as rich people are not miserly with their wealth; as long as learned people act according to what they know to be true; as long as ignorant people do not pride themselves on what they do not know; and as long as poor people do not prefer the life of this world to the life of the next.”

“How lovely when the rich humble themselves to the poor, hoping for the reward of Allah! But the poor do an even better job by resigning themselves to Allah, which makes them independent of the rich.”

“Being deprived of something is better than being indebted to somebody.”

“Virtue is the adornment of poverty; gratitude is the adornment of wealth.”

“Meanness gathers up in itself all kinds of bad characteristics.”

“When you grow poor, make a business deal with Allah by giving alms. When you grow rich, thank Him. Try to retain Allah’s blessings by thanking Him all the time.”

“The gift of Islam is better than any worldly wealth. Commitment to religion is better than any worldly concern. Advice from death is better than any worldly advice.”

“Knowledge is the best of inheritance. Decency is the best of arts. Prayer is the best of investments. Good works are the best of mentors. Good character is the best of friends. Gentleness is the best of assistants. Frugality is the best of possessions. Contemplation of death is the best of protectors.”

“There is no better trade than doing good deeds; no better benefit than Divine guidance; no better dignity than humility: no better honour than knowledge; no better chastity than abstaining from what is sinful; no better character than coming closer to Allah; no better prayer than performing obligatory religious acts; no better intellect than foresight; no better virtue than solidarity.”

“Here are the most difficult deeds, done at the most difficult times: to forgive while angry; to be generous while in need; to exercise self-control while no one watches; to speak truth to people one fears or needs.”

“If someone exaggerates small nuisances, Allah will expose him to bigger ones.”

“Possessions are the raw material for passions. Passions unlock troubles. Jealousy rides people to pointless exhaustion.”

“Worldly cravings and expectations blind even foresighted people.”

“Your worth is equal to what you desire.”

“One who becomes a slave of his ego’s endless desires is bound to do bad deeds.”

“The foreordained goes to those who do not expect it.”

“There is no better place for your soul than Paradise. So trade your soul only for Paradise.”

“The friends of Allah are those who can see the inwardness of life while looking at its outwardness.”

“A servant’s faith cannot ripen unless he trusts in Allah more than he trusts whatever he has.”